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Rotor Tachometer Kits

CalumetAir stocks the nicest looking, most reliable digital rotor tachometer kits in the industry.

The Rotortach display unit is light weight and compact with a large, easy to read, LCD display.
Don't let it's good looks deceive you, This unit was engineered for industrial use.
The stainless steel magnetic pick-up, only slightly larger than a lipstick tube,
it features sealed construction and shielded wiring. The tachometer has it's own internal 7 year battery The unit is easy to hook-up with only two wires, signal & ground.

This tachometer kit works by counting the prerotator ring gear teeth as they pass by
the magnetic pick-up. The tachometer is already set up for the 108 tooth Wunderlich ring gear
(as used on Bensen Gyrocopters, RFD Dominator, Air Command, Butterfly, RAF, Sparrowhawk, ELA,
Sportcopter, Star Bee "Black Beauty", Sycamore, Averso, Gyrotec)
It will work with any 108 tooth ring gear. The display unit is adjustable for other time rates
if your ring gear has a different number of teeth. Instructions are included.

Rotor Tach Display Unit $112.95 USD (Includes USPS Priority Mail & insurance)

Rotor Tach Pickup Unit $68.49 (USD Includes USPS Priority Mail & insurance)

Rotortach Kit $172.49
includes Display, Pick-up & mounting clamp (USD Includes USPS Priority Mail & insurance)